Thursday, August 30, 2007

Haute Diggity Dog! Very Cool Dog Couture

If you haven't seen the cool toys from Haute Diggity Dog, they are a MUST SEE, MUST HAVE! These oh so chic toys will be a big hit with your little pouch and they make unique gifts for the dog lover in your life. Each toy is a parody of some of the world's most famous designer goods. See them today!

Haute Diggity Dog Pawlish and Lipstick

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tony Carter - Handmade Novelty Teapots

See our Tony Carter handmade teapots! What a treat!

Tony Carter English Toast Rack

Click the picture to go to our shop and see our entire collection.

Serendipity Collections

Welcome to Serendipity Collections blog. We are a gift shop on the web specializing in unique gifts and collectibles for smart, sassy, funny women. Please visit us at for cool gift ideas!

Serendipity Collections

Serendipity Collections
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