Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If August Comes - Can Christmas be Far Behind?

Wow, it's already August and that means it's time for shop owners to start thinking about Christmas. At Serendipity, we are making plans now for our Christmas Header in our shop. That is always a fun part of the job - choosing photos, getting background colors (last year we used mostly blues and reds) and planning a layout.

Last year's header

We always offer complimetary gift wrap so here is a picture that resembles what one of our wrapped gifts looks like. We're considering getting a couple new boxes this year. Right now, we offer the poinsettia and a glossy red box.

Some of our best sellers at Christmas (and all year 'round) are our travel mugs so we will probably increase our mug inventory.

One of the things we do at Christmas is publish USPS and UPS shipping calendars and we make a chart letting folks know that if they order by a certain date, these are the carriers and methods available to them. This is a little time consuming but it is well worth it so that we always keep our customers informed. Here is an example of our shipping chart.

We network all year long but we especially network as it is getting closer to the holidays. We love to cross-promote and showcase other businesss owners. This year we might try to make a shopping list of must-see shops, so if you would like to be included, please contact us at info@serendipitycollections.com.

Have fun, everyone, getting ready for the holidays!


  1. Great idea about the shipping charts!

  2. the shipping calendar is a great idea. Looks like you put a lot of thought into selling in the holidays. Thanks for participating in the carnival! {:-Deb


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