Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Massie Affair or Outrage on the Ala Moana Road Mixed Media Collage

The Massie Affair
Originally uploaded by Paper Fields
I made this collage some time ago upon reflecting on the events of the Massie Affair. A young white Navy wife, Thalia Massie, left a Honolulu party late on September 12, 1931. What happened that night triggered rape charges against 5 non whites, protests of innocence, and a trial in the media spotlight, with superstar attorney Clarence Darrow that all culminated in murder. Thalia Massie was from a prominent American family. Her mother was the niece of Alexander Graham Bell. At the time, this was a media sensation with William Randolph Hearst fueling the flames of racism.

What really happened to Thalia Massie? American Experience on pbs produced an insightful documentary on the Massie Affair. Visit my Etsy shop at Paper Fields where you can find out more and also purchase this mixed media collage .


  1. you have a way of picking some very talented selllers to feature on your blog. thanks for visiting mine.

  2. I love this collage, that is a great inspiration!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and you could make those baby blankets, they are easy.
    Great blog.


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